A look at Traveler

Welcome to the ASL News Blog, a blog that will report on projects and programs of the Arkansas State Library, share news from the Arkansas library community and news from such national sources as the Institute of Museum & Library Services, the Library of Congress and the American Library Association.

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We start off with a look at one of the State Library’s most popular programs, the Traveler Statewide Digital Resources.

Traveler provides statewide access to a collection of subscription digital resources. Arkansas residents have free, remote access to all Traveler resources. Remote authentication for individual users is accomplished through geolocation; no registration process is required.

Traveler resources help facilitate a lifelong love of learning; it contains resources suitable for students at every level, from early education to post graduate studies. The Traveler collection is a valuable resource for educators, parents, caregivers, students or anyone with a love of learning.

All Traveler digital resources are accessible from the Arkansas State Library’s website, http://www.library.arkansas.gov. All public, school and academic libraries in the state may register their IP addresses with the Arkansas State Library to enable institutional access, which allows individual libraries the ability to seamlessly integrate Traveler’s information resources with their own digital collections. The Arkansas State Library provides training, assistance, and supplemental resources for both technical and end users through webinars, workshops and instructional materials.

On November 23, the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) announced that 12 ABC-CLIO databases have been added to Traveler.

These award-winning databases are designed to help students build foundational knowledge, strengthen critical thinking skills, and power student inquiry. They will provide access to a rich library of resources covering American government, American and World history and geography, pop culture, societal issues, health, and wellness.

In addition, Arkansas educators have access to the ABC-Clio Educator Support Site and School Library Connection which will provide tools and professional development. More information about the ABC-CLIO databases and the supporting resources can be found at https://www.abc-clio.com/arkansas/.

Three webinars are currently scheduled for Arkansas educators to introduce the ABC-CLIO databases and its supporting resources:

  • Getting Started with ABC-Clio Databases on Dec. 1,
  • Ready-to-Use Resources for Remote Learning on Dec. 8, and
  • Get Inspired with School Library Connection on December 17.

To see the full listing and register for any of the webinars visit:  https://attendee.gototraining.com/95gh3/catalog/4291407487636529152

While these webinars will be geared towards educators, they are open to any librarian who wants to attend.

The addition of these databases to Traveler is made possible through funds granted by the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Comprehensive State Literacy Grant. For more information on the new databases, contact Cassandra Barnett, Program Advisor for School Libraries, Cassandra.barnett@arkansas.gov.

If you have questions about Traveler, contact Katie Walton, the State Library’s Acquisitions Manager, at Katie.walton@arkansas.gov.

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